Emre Akcay, one of the brothers who had been performing under the spotlights as Burak & Emre until a few years ago, is making his return with his new solo project Minstrel

In 2012, he started his music career with his brother as a hobby. Within only months, they got supported by many international acts to showcase their unique approach to trance music. By the time, Emre’s passion for self-renewal was instrumental in the birth of Minstrel’s project.
2018 was a final call for Burak & Emre as Emre decided to focus solely on building Minstrel’s identity, which combines his trance music DNA with dark and deep techno rhythms. As 2020 witnesses the birth of an old face with a new identity, Minstrel is already counting down the days to bring the deep story of his music to music lovers.